Yes, you can do it any time you want! Copy your MongoDB Connection String from SashiDo’s Dashboard and connect to it using any MongoClient and make a dump of it.

There are few ways to do that:

1. Export data with MongoChef

MongoChef. It is a free GUI for mongodb.
When you connect to your database you can right click on it and select "Export Collections".

If you are not willing to download and use MongoChef you can export all collections with mongoexport command line tool.

2. Export with command line mongoexport

Here is how you can export the data with mongoexport and you need to add the user and password taken from the connection string and change the collectionName.

You can get the mongodb connection string from the dashboard.

mongoexport --ssl \
-h pgrsN/, \
-d pg-app-idididi \
-u ...user... -p ...password... \
-c collectionName \
--type=csv -o collectionName.csv

You can find your MongoDB Connection string in Dashboard > Application Settings > Security & Keys > Database URL